I have to start these ramblings with an apology for the lateness of this edition of Trowse Villager. I’m afraid the editorial team were overwhelmed with other stuff, and the deadline has slipped back a week. As this covers two months anyway, we felt it was better to take extra time rather than break down with exhaustion! Talking about exhaustion, I’m definitely in need of a holiday, and I’m sure that’s true for a lot of people. I’m getting even scattier and more inclined to make mistakes than usual. Yesterday in church I had got one of the readings wrong, in my sermon I referred to England beating Croatia (hey - it’s not that far from Ukraine!) and got one of the hymn numbers wrong at Evensong.

As I type this on the 5th of July, the main feature in the news is the expected lifting of coronavirus restrictions in two weeks’ time on the 19th. It remains to be seen to what extent this will bring a return to “normality”. 

The 19th of July has added significance for our family, as it will be our elder son’s Robert’s second wedding anniversary. I have very happy memories of that day in 2019; our daughter Susannah with her husband Shawn and toddler Rhys came over from the States, and we all got a taxi to London and stayed in an AirBnB in Charlotte Street; our younger son Peter was there acting as best man, and Marta’s parents, godparents and brother all came over from Poland. It was wonderful to meet them, and the last time we were all together. 

After the ceremony we walked, in all our wedding finery, from Marylebone Road down to Soho - not a facemask in site! - and enjoyed a fabulous meal, all of us sitting round one big oval table in a private downstairs room at 10 Greek Street (highly recommended) with no social distancing at all. Little did we know what was in store for us. It seems like another world.

Well, we hope it’s a world that we may be returning to, albeit cautiously and in some cases apprehensively. In the hope that restrictions would already have been lifted on 21st June, Emma and Marty scheduled their wedding for the first Saturday after that, 26th June, and even though the congregation weren’t allowed to sing and had to wear face masks, a more joyful occasion couldn’t have been imagined. Dorothy and Curly were the most glamourous flower dogs I have ever seen, the singing by the socially-distanced choir of six was wonderful, and Polly’s rendition of Mozart’s Laudate Dominum accompanied by Gillian on the organ was sublime. Our team of flower ladies excelled themselves with beautiful displays all over the church - it felt very much like old times!

Remembering old times: when the school was preparing to move out of the old building facing the common to the new site at Pepperpot Drive last year, a reunion of old pupils was planned. Unfortunately the pandemic put paid to that, and the chance to get together and reminisce in the old school building has passed us by. However, we have collected some former pupils’ memories - both good and bad! - which are contained in this “Trowse School Special” edition of the Villager. I hope you enjoy reading them.

If you would like to write about anything for the September edition, we would love to hear from you! In the meantime, I wish you all a relaxing, peaceful summer and joyful reunions with family and friends. As always you will be made very welcome at church, on “open church” Wednesdays or for Sunday services. I’m really hoping we can all sing again soon!